Vocal Coaching

Owned and operated by Cindi, the VoiceShack Studio is where she helps aspiring singers acquire the tools to build, hone and polish their voices and to develop their own personal styles.



Cindi believes in making learning to sing fun and relaxing. Her easygoing personality and life experiences - traveling, performing, and recording with some of the best musicians in the business - combine to make Cindi the perfect voice coach. Cindi is committed to helping her students shape themselves into the singers they've always dreamed of becoming.


The VoiceShack Objectives:

Have Fun Singing
Help Build Confidence
Work on Strengths and Versatility
Learn to Listen To and Become Comfortable with One's Voice
Discover Relaxation Techniques
Practice Good Vocal Health Care
Voice Building
Live Performance Techniques



Age 10 and Older
Beginner to Advanced Students Welcome
Day or Evening Sessions Available
Private 45-Minute Sessions - $40.00
Monday to Thursday
Many Styles of Music Available
School Workshops Available


For further information, please phone (204) 771-6678, or send Cindi an e-mail: ccain@mymb.ca

The VoiceShack Studio is located:

 20 minutes outside Winnipeg city limits - Southeast

Off Hwy. #207 - towards Lorette, Manitoba

Private In-House Instruction



Cindi Cain is a wonderful vocal coach. Her method of teaching is so much fun and she is happy to share her extensive knowledge of singing and the music business. The most important thing she taught me as a student was to accept and enjoy my own voice, to be myself and not try to sound like anyone else. It has served me very well. In part, because of her support and encouragement I have gone on to feel extremely comfortable to get up and sing at any kind of jam, I've recorded a demo CD and I just hosted a very successful fundraising evening where I hired a band to back me. Thanks Cindi! It all started with you!

- Bonnie Gerbrandt


Cindi Cain is one of the most talented, kind hearted, thoughtful voice instructors I have ever had the experience of working with. From the very beginning, Cindi has treated me with respect and has made my vision and goals of becoming a professional singer/performer a reality.

Cindi is extremely passionate about her students and  her coaching, and she is continuously researching ways to get her message across to students. Her annual album projects and concert events provide opportunities for singers of all ages and experience levels to showcase their talent and become more comfortable as seasoned, professional entertainers.

Being a student of Cindi Cain is a true must-have for any singer wanting to make music a fun, valuable learning experience. For those interested in a more professional focus, Cindi is the perfect instructor with her experiences in the music business and her connections in the community.

- Krista Rey


I've been taking vocal lessons from Cindi since 1996! Cindi has always shown me how much she cares for the growth and success of her students. I have never met a more professional and dynamic individual. As a truly gifted singer, she certainly teaches with a confidence that is infectious!

She'll make your dreams come true.

- Mona Corrigal


Our daughter thoroughly enjoys her regular voice lessons at "The VoiceShack." Cindi Cain and her staff provide so many other invaluable opportunities as well. The male and female vocal students (who range in age from young children and teens to adults) are continually active preparing for live performances or gaining priceless experience in the on-site recording studio. The CD projects always have such innovative and creative themes.

Thanks for letting us share in the wonderful world of music. The poise and self-confidence of your students have really blossomed! Sincere thanks from all of us. You're awesome, Cindi!!

- Chuck Patterson


Cindi Cain, owner of the VoiceShack, has an extremely professional, yet gently reassuring approach which nurtures each individual to reach their highest potential. From beginner right through to professional artist, Cindi instills the confidence and provides the technical guidance needed to strengthen your voice and build the belief within one's self that allows you to share your vocal gift with others.

I have been a student of Cindi's for over 5 years now and she has coached me from a place where I was afraid to sing in public to where singing in front of a few hundred people is no problem now. I'm the first one to break into song! Cindi has gently and firmly encouraged me and many others to honestly believe in ourselves and to believe in the gift of sharing music. She has changed the lives of so many.

- Andrea Weber


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